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Epic Post... Cause I Are Number 1
Made cute rank #1 for the first time, Thanks for all the suteki and comments before and after I made the rank. I was pretty ecstatic about making #1 and can finally chill. I wanted to make #1 at least once. So now I can cut back on doing CC's. I figured I'll only do them frequently only when there is an ongoing event. And this just proves you don't need thousands of friends to make rank, frankly I think too many friends is too much hassle cause I wouldn't be able to see everyone's items.

So aside from getting #1 this post is pretty epic since the perks of being #1 is fucking great, the exposure is simply a ribbon and suteki gold mine and since this is my journal of course I'll gloat and be as obnoxious as I want. So many good things happened to me for some reason, I was also able to sell alot of my shit items quickly.
Yesterday Ken Items also came out which was freaken neat since everything was super cheap, which is surprising since everything is usually so expensive in the shops. But I guess I really can't be surprised considering it was april fools. I did buy everything, cause it was cheap and the LULZ it comes with.
Finally the anticipated april fools ribbons came out in the shell spring, upload, and piyo game. Since I'm refusing to upload alot til kath has a "up to 30 ribbon" upload campaign and I suck majorly in the piyo game, I was relaying in my 80 shells. Now I saw people throwing in up to 200 and not get anything, but I had amazing luck! I got the red bow and an orange silver buckle hat, actually I'm quite pleased with my haul.

In non-poupee news, I'm finally finished with my doctor appointments and now it's 1 more appointment on the 16th and hopefully I'll get my ball rolling by may again. I'm having a pretty relaxing spring break and I'm itching to buy some new things. Over the weeks end I picked up two new rose necklaces that will be uploaded soon enough, actually I have tons to upload but like I said, I'm just waiting. The Boyfriend also came to see me yesterday, he went to Vegas for the weekend and he comes back with a new Coach bag for me<3 Seriously boyfriend face is the best. He took our little princess dog for the weekend and I miss her already. Another random note, although my nephew knows how to put on his shoes, the somehow always end up on the wrong feet hahaha. Pics of my new items when I find my camera cable =/

With all the April Fools jokes going around I was really upset when I thought my favorite manga site mangatraders.com was going down. But I remembered it was april fools and understood it was a joke that I totally believed. Haha how gullible of me but seriously I'm relieved. I need me some good manga's when I'm bored.

On a roll

Cute rank #4 today, Thanks for all the suteki's and comments before and after I made it. I really appreciate the time people take to comment and suteki whether it's random or from comment clubs.

I finished buying stuff from all the current events finally and am satisfied with everything I got, only two things really on my want list from furima which is the phantom shirt from halloween 08 and the new plaid red dress. But I'm pretty much waiting to catch them at a good deal and I can live with waiting for them.
クラシックブラウス08J<br /><br />Classical blouse 08J 60&apos;s水玉ワンピ/rd08I<br /><br />
In other poupee related talk I started to sell off a bunch of items, but nothing special just odd items I don't fancy. Not really doing it for ribbons so everything is going for 3-5 ribbons, I finally figured that it's essential to clean out my poupee's closet, I've been hoarding stuff since I've joined. I've also cleaned up my pupe f-list a bit and probably not going to add anymore, I don't aspire to have over 1 thousand friends since having 600 is enough. I really want to quit doing so many CC's so I can devote my comments to items I really like and return comments.

Tomorrow is my mom's B-day, so I'm going to head out and buy her a present. Finally 1 more doctor visit tommorrow and I can turn in my paper work and really enjoy my short week of spring break.

Thank You's and WTF Kath!

Finally Got my nails onto the top 10, i'm pretty happy about that! Thanks to all those who commented and suteki'd as well as the comments and suteki's after my item made it to the top 10. My third time now being on the list.

So anyways what is up with all the events, Kath has gone mad! I have mixed feelings. While I like all the events, it's hard just choosing which items to get since I obviously can't get all of them. I've already bought $40 worth of ribbons this month alone and contemplating another $5. I'm the type that doesn't sell any of my items either so yeah, that's pretty much not an option to earn ribbons.

After writing down my most wanted items, I want atleast 800 ribbons worth of stuff still and thats after I spent 800 on the first half of the stuff I wanted. I'm sort of contemplating on waiting til they're released on furima since event items are super cheap now, most event items are almost selling at or under the price they originally went for.

Enough of poupee girl, FINALLY I'm on spring break! But I've been plagued with docter visits this last week and still have to go for the next 3 days just to make sure that my pulse is normal. Such a tedious task to do. I also got a hair cut today, it was sort of a spontaneous decision. It's actually a boy cut, so I went from mid back length hair to a boy cut! I actually really like it, but my dad said it makes me look fat, har har har, whatever.

Ahh, going to run some errands for my mom and be back to watch the poupee site crash with the madness over the limited items that come out at 8 in about an hour.

The Person Behind Charli

Name: Charli (It's a play on my real name)
Age: 20 something
From: So Cal
Sex & Status: Femme with a darling BF
Occupation: USN
Pets: Mini poodle named Mochi

Food: Sushi, pizza, lasagna, carne asada fries, & chinese fried rice (True fatass status).
Colours: Black, white, grey, navy blue, & dark colours (clothes only), all bright/pastel colours for everyting else(I'm drawn to colourful stuff).
Music: I prefer rock, but will listen to anything except screamo. I like artist like Lights, Last Alliance, GackT, Nicole Atkins, Amy Winehouse + More
Books: Harry Potter, Twilight, & Memoirs of a Geisha
Movies: The Family That Prays, The Notebook, Thirteen, & Kids
Shows: Shin Chan, Family Guy, Super Jail, alot of the shit in Adult Swim

Far parking spaces, when there are no parking spaces, STUPID drivers, overly emotional and sensitve people(online and real life), smokers, drug users, douchebags, proud whores, loud and obnoxious drunks, pushy guys, waking up early, and petty/rude people.


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